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Baptist Church Planting Ministry 

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Jeremy : May 19th
Teresa : September 16th
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Kyle : October 19th
Ryan : February 23rd


June 3rd

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(941) 228-6523


Who We Are:

Baptist Church Planting Ministry is a global, 503(c)(3), non-profit ministry started in 1993. The specific history of our ministry is available on our website. Dr. Earl Jessup is the Founder of BCPM. Our philosophy is that local churches reproduce churches. With forty years of experience for me, and the help of many local churches, our staff has had the opportunity to help plant over 120 churches in these many years. We praise the Lord for this and give Him the glory for allowing us the opportunity to do so. As we near almost two decades of ministry, we have had a global impact in church planting for God’s glory. This is evidenced by realizing the thousands of people who have come to know Christ as their Saviour and also the hundreds of thousands of dollars given to missions within these churches.

PROMOTE the urgent need to plant churches through:
 Local church meetings
Church Plant Sundays
Colleges and Institutes
Using every source of influence

PREPARE Pastors and students to plant churches through:
 Church Plant Focus Meetings
Church Plant retreats
Church Plant training sessions
Online church planting course

Provide resources specific to church planting

ASSIST churches in– Planting new churches through:
 Setting up a timeline and schedule
Following an intense checklist
Establishing a start-up budget
Finding the best meeting place
Connecting with other churches who can assist
Hosting opening meetings
Helping the reproducing pastor care for the new church
Assist with the new church’s missions conferences

Our Sending Church:

South Haven Baptist Church
116 Academy Drive, Springfield, TN 37172